Thin Films

Thin FIlms & Coatings are used in all sorts of smart materials to enhance form and function. SIMS is uniquely powerful in probing and chemically mapping surface and subsurface layers in single or multi film stacks

Computer Technology

From Hard Disk Storage to electronics packaging and displays, SIMS is an invaluable tool to fulfil QA and FA roles in high tech computer industries. 

Geo and Cosmo chemistry

The above image is a false color overlay of SAI MidiSIMS acquisitions showing the distribution of the key chemical elements in a meteorite sample on a sub micron scale.


Corrosion is a common enemy of surface form and function causing cosmetic damage and performance loss. SIMS can investigate the chemistry of corrosion before it is even visible to the naked eye.


Surface cleanliness is an essential requirement in many high performance materials applications. The interface interaction between material layers or between a surface and its environment is often crucial e.g. for adhesion or sensor technology. SIMS can easily detect contamination of less than a monolayer of atoms


The study of the interacting surface between moving parts and the role of lubricants and lubricant additives is vital in understanding wear processes. SIMS can provide insights to understand wear and facilitate efforts to enhance  the service life of a product.


From fingerprint to radioactive or explosive residues, SIMS is one of the few tools with enough sensitivity to provide the investigator with effective analysis of both organic and inorganic species in forensic applications.


The MiniSIMS from SAI is the most affordable standalone SIMS available and serves well as a learning tool in  college and university settings. Robust enough for undergraduate use, the MiniSIMS can provide students with a comprehensive & practical introduction to the world of surface analysis.

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