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About SAI

SAI has been designing and building state of the art mass spectrometers in Manchester, England since 1995. Situated very close to the birthplace of the commercial mass spectrometer, we are ideally positioned to take advantage of  the specialised engineering  infrastructure which has developed  in the area over eight decades specifically to support this great industry of ours.

Excellence in Mass Spectrometry

Mechanical Engineering

SAI has the in depth engineering skills necessary for designing state of the art mass spectrometers supported by the latest and most powerful 3D CAD systems available.


SAI's electronics engineering expertise is vital for the many challenging disciplines required by leading edge mass spectrometry designs. These skills  include fast timing digital, precision analogue as well as high voltage and RF.


No instrument designs are complete without well written software. SAI has a team of highly talented programmers ready to meet the challenges posed by cutting edge technology and providing superior user experiences.

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