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MiniSIMS and SIMS range

MSIMS 20 low.png

The Award winning alpha MiniSIMS is a complete entry level desktop surface analysis system incorporating a quadrupole mass analyser and Liquid Metal Ion Source and capable of operating in all 3 SIMS modes. At modest costs per sample, the ALPHA is ideal for routine monitoring of low numbers of elemental and organic surface species and industrial QA applications.

MSIMS 20 low.png

Replacing the quadrupole of the ALPHA with a Time of Flight (ToF) mass analyser gives the MiniSIMS-ToF superior performance in many departments e.g.

  • Mass Range

  • Mass resolution

  • Acquisition Efficiency

  • Retrospective analysis

The last point implies no "a priori" assumptions are needed about sample composition before undertaking

 imaging and profiling experiments.

The result is a powerful R&D or FA tool for surface analysis.

good trans MIDISIMS.png

When your application requires very high (sub micron) spatial resolution or a choice of Primary ions, the MidiSIMS-ToF-HR is the perfect solution for cost effective high speed analysis. Active antivibration and high resolution dc primary ion guns allow superior imaging resolution to be achieved at much higher duty cycles than in traditional "pulsed primary" systems.

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