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MIBI (Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging)
Imaging Bio SIMS
J105 3D imaging BioSIMS
3D imaging BioSIMS at Manchester University

SAI developed the buncher ToF combination mass spectrometer for Ionoptika's J105 3D biological imaging SIMS first installed at the MIB multidisciplinary biotechnology research institute at Manchester University UK. J105s are now installed all over the world.

Queens University Belfast TAP-ToF MS

Queens University Belfast commissioned SAI to build the mass spectrometer for their TAP system (Temporal Analysis of Products). Up until this point most of the existing technology was quadrupole based. SAI's time of flight (ToF) technology significantly enhances the TAP technique by monitoring multiple reaction products simultaneously over very short time scales (ms). Resulting analytical capability provides much better insights into fundamental reaction kinetics, for instance in catalysis applications.

BactoSCREEN software

The location and abundance of six proteins—e-cadherin (green), vimentin (blue), actin (red), estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor, and Ki67—found in breast cancer cells are seen in this multiplexed ion beam image. Cells positive for estrogen receptor a, progesterone receptor, and Ki-67 appear yellow; cells expressing estrogen receptor a and the progesterone receptor appear aqua.

(Image courtesy Robert Michael Angelo  See full article here.)

Leading  cancer researchers from Stanford University, California putting the SAI ToF SIMS through its paces in Manchester UK for their MIBI  application.

Left:          Harris Fienberg, CEO, Ionpath Inc

Middle:     Prof Sean Bendall

Right:        Dr Robert Michael Angelo

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